Onboarding and Team Building Field Trips

~ During the course of the tour, participants will be entertained with a broad brush history of Austin. We will focus on how the “Thought Economy” has been developing in Austin for over 100 years.

We’ll meet in East Austin and set out on an Instagram-able tour of graffiti, street art, and local art history. Over 2 hours, you will explore one of East Austin’s largest concentrations of both authorized and unauthorized street art, graffiti, and murals by world-famous artists and up and coming local artists.

You will be entertained by stories about the art and artists and how the local art helps you understand what is going on in Austin right now. We will teach you how to decode what our city is telling you every day! By the time the 1.2 mile walk is over, you will know more about East Austin street art than many in the neighborhood….and we promise, you will never look at graffiti and street art the same way again.

Team Building Fun
Spray Paint Graffiti